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Retroarch Exit Hotkey not working

  • I'm having difficulty changing the retroarch exit hotkey. I believe it's conflicting with my setup and causing odd behavior in attract mode.

    I'm running attract mode and my "accept" key is the player 1 start button (default mame player 1 start - keyboard button 1). I configured the "controller" in emulation station, so exiting retroarch is hotkeyed to select+start. In my case, that's 5+1 (default mame player 1 coin and start)

    I believe the pressing of start in the retroarch hotkey is somehow carrying over into attract mode and causing a press of "accept" in the AM menu, and will sometimes load a game immediately on exiting it.

    I have separate buttons on my keyboard/joystick that I could dedicate to exit, but I cannot get the retroarch exit button to work. The default is "num1".

    Pressing num1 does nothing. I've tried to edit the file manually and set it to "escape", but that not only doesn't work, it also seems to kill the hotkey combo from allowing exit as well. This behavior is also exhibited when I try to set the exit key inside the retroarch menu.

    Has anyone heard of this happening?

    Pi Model or other hardware: 3
    Power Supply used: CanaKit 5V 2.5A Raspberry Pi 3 Power Supply
    RetroPie Version Used: 4.1
    Built From: Pre made SD Image on RetroPie website
    USB Devices connected: logitech wireless keyboard (usb dongle)
    Controller used: logitech wireless keyboard (usb dongle)
    Error messages received: none
    Emulator: lr-mame2003, lr-fba

  • So I've found what I think is a related post on the AM forum. The behavior I'm experiencing in AM seems like it might be a bug.

    However, I'm curious as to why I cannot set the hotkey in lr-mame2003 and it behave properly.
    I know this isn't the support portal for retroarch or anything, but I'm curious if anyone has any leads or advice for me.


  • I thought for a moment that disabling the 'runcommand' feature would fix some of my issues, but it only seemed to degrade it and not resolve it.

    Is anyone else experiencing these issues?

    Any help would be really appreciated.

  • Is anyone else running AttractMode on RetroPie with a keyboard or a keyboard encoder and experiencing ghosted keys on exit of game?

    Also, is anyone not able to set keys for exiting the emulator in lr-mame2003 and not have those keys actually work, and/or cause the functionality of "start+select" to no longer function?

  • @RandoCalrisian Yes, I updated attract mode and it went away.

  • @rbaker said in Retroarch Exit Hotkey not working:

    @RandoCalrisian Yes, I updated attract mode and it went away.

    I'm running attract mode v2.2.0, is this the most up to date?

  • @RandoCalrisian Yes I think so

  • Well, I'm definitely still getting ghosted keys on exit of game in attract mode with a keyboard encoder on version 2.2.0. I suppose all I can do at this point is try a fresh image of Retropie 4.1 and a fresh install from source of attract mode and see where that gets me. I'm also going to try to investigate further why I can't properly set an exit key for retroarch emulators instead of start+select.

  • Okay, installed everything from a fresh RetroPie 4.1 image and also clean install of AM from source. I'm on version 2.2.0 of AM and everything is working as expected. The ghosted keys are no longer an issue, and as a result I don't need to futz with different key settings for exiting a game in retroarch. I'd like to figure out why that was an issue for me, but for now what I have is working. In windows I programmed the "exit" buttons for my minipacs with the WinIPac program to be macros of "start+select" and it works perfectly.

    As a side note, it seems the issue was with sfml-pi. This explains why my 2.2.0 AM was still giving me issues. I had not gone back all the way in the steps to the sfml-pi portion.

    Thanks all.

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