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Power / Reset / LED - without Mausberry

  • I'm building a NES replica made of wood, and wanted to keep the front buttons to power and reset my RaspBerry Pi 3.
    I've been inspired by this project made of Pallet wood :

    In addition to that, I don't want to use a Mausberry extension (which seems to be out of stock anyway) as it doesn't seems to be necessary. I've seen a lot about the 5 and 6 connectors, but couldn't find anything to wire a reset button and a LED indicating the RPi3's state as well.
    If anyone could help me, i'll be eternally grateful as I'm a pure noob and don't know anything on electronics and coding.

  • hey bloke, all i did was solder run header to my pi3 which reset and powered on, and gpio wired power off running shutdown script, then made another script on boot and shutdown to power on and off power led.
    i can live with the pi turning on with power is connected via usb.

  • @b00stnv8 Thanks for your answer. I'm a bit confused about your ON/OFF LED. On which pins did you solder your LED ? Same for your Shutdown scripted button ? I found some interesting answers too here for the GPIO power state led and here for the safe shutdown switch. Tell me what do you think about it.

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