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Xiaomi Mi BT game controller exiting non Retroarch

  • I was able to successfully configure a Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth controller by following the advice :
    Re: Xiaomi Mi BT game controller issues

    With the exception of up and down on the analogue stick, which I figure I can sort, but more importantly…

    I have been unable to exit Mupen 64 and Ricast (both non Retroarch emulators) like I have been able to successfully using Start and Select on a iBuffalo controller as well as via Start + Z on a real N64 Controller via a Mayflash USB adaptor.

    • What do I need to do to get this same functionality working on the Bluetooth controller?
    • Does having other types of controllers configured which seem to have different button ID for Start/Select add complication?

    The Xiaomi Controller does not seem to auto configure properly out of the box, without editing the configuration created by EmulationStation for Retroarch and then individual Emulators afterwards.

    Thank you.

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