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Path to metadata/scraper program code?

  • Hello, What is the path to the metadata code/ file in retropie 4
    Its not the actual rom metadata but the program code/ fields that controls it.

    I would like to change one of the field names to enter something
    more appropriate to my system (manually)


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    @subz it depends on the theme you are using. Each theme handles metadata in a different way. The path is /etc/emulationstation/themes. Click on the one you use then edit theme.xml to change, add or position the metadata you want.

  • @columboscoat Thanks dude that was the answer I needed.

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    @subz No worries man I appreciate you coming back to say you got it sorted. The forum is here for people to search first and foremost. Most people find a solution and then never come back, not caring about those that come behind them.

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