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  • Dear forum,

    I am using RetroPie since version 3.x and have built myself an arcade cabinet with arcade controls connected via iPac2 to my RPI3.
    In the past versions I configured everything in such a way, that I can control the games and frontends using the arcade buttons alone. For example I press the TAB key/button to bring up the OSD, select with button A und go back/cancel with button B.

    In the latest version with FB Alpha I am no longer able to do so. Neither can I select nor cancel my actions in the frontend OSD using the arcade buttons. I figured out, that the key mapping now seems to be DEL for going back/cancel and ENTER to accept/select a value.

    I would like to change this behaviour to map to my A/B buttons again but cannot get it to work.

    Can you please tell me, where the OSD key mappings are defined? I've checked all the OSD menus but was not able to find the place to do so!


  • Oh I forgot to mention: If you are not aware: the iPac2 send key strokes to the RPI, so all buttons send the standard MAME key mappings, e.g. LALT, LSHIFT, CTRL, A, Z, etc.

    I was able to figure out the BACK/ENTER mapping in OSD by connecting a "real" keyboard, but do not want to keep it like that.

    Thank you!

  • @daubsi when you say OSD I think you mean RGUI, right? (The OSD, On Screen Display, is that yellow text that shows some info when ingame).

    About your keyboard issue, it was discussed in a RetroArch issue and I think that there's no way to change it currently. But I'm not sure if it changed since then...

  • They are called hotkeys.

    Are you configuring via the rgui, or the .cfg files directly?

  • administrators

    @daubsi update all packages - it's already resolved.

    (menu_unified_controls = "true" will be added to your retroarch.cfg which is an option on the recent retroarch)

    Also - Please provide details of RetroPie version etc when requesting support as detailed at the top of the screen.

  • Thanks guys! I'll give it a try!

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