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Using Waveshare 4inch RPi LCD (A) with Retropie

  • Hey,

    I'm using a RPi Model 2 and have just finished installing drivers for my 4inch RPi LCD from Waveshare ( using instructions from a thread found in this forum. (

    The screen works fine now and the image is good, but when running games it is very choppy. Not anywhere near a manageable rate for games.

    Has anyone managed to fix this issue? If not, are there screens you would recommend to use for a portable gaming console? I've tried getting car camera back up monitors to run on 5V with no success so I was feeling hopeful about this thing. :P


  • Quick update:

    Managed to make it run a lot smoother using those parameters:


    The higher the speed, the better it displays, but anything above 27000000 f'd up the colors badly for me.
    Definitely playable for anyone wanting to use this screen, but it still drops some frames, mainly during cinematics and stuff. Personally, Gonna try out a 5" HDMI screen, don't wanna compromise on the gaming experience too much.

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