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  • Proud owner of Pi3 and RetroPie 4.1, i instantly fell in love with this little bugger!

    I treated myself to a pair of PS3 knockoff controllers, hoping to connect them via the PS3 driver for lovely wireless gaming. The problem is... i can't seem to make them connect :( I tried all the different drivers with no luck.

    Here is a picture to show how they look:

    My experience is like this:

    • I install the driver from the RetroPie Setup
      No other bluetooth devices are connected, and bluetooth settings are untouched.

    • I connect the pad with the USB cable and leave it for a good handfull of seconds
      All the LEDs lights up (blinking synchronously).
      If i press the button, it's like the pad connects and LED 1 is turned on. Pad will work with the cable
      but it makes no difference for the next step whether i do this or not.

    • I disconnect the USB cable
      The LEDs blink again. It looks like it searches for connection automatically.
      When blinking stops, i press the button to force pairing, but it's the same deal. Blinking stops
      If i hold down the button, it looks like i turn the pad off.

    I googled like crazy, trying different stuff:

    • 4 lines of terminal commands
      (shown here

    • Messing about to disable the ordinary bluetooth

    • Uninstalling the PS3 driver and connect via ordinary bluetooth
      It does look like the pads send their id/mac to the Pi, i can connect successfully but still not working
      for the controller setup screen or the menus.

    • Trying to 'monitor' some log files while connecting the pad.
      I get lines, and it looks like the pad talks to the Pi.. at least as long as the cable is connected. Tbh, it
      didn't make much sense to me, since i'm new to Linux, and PS3 controllers and Pi in general :S

    Still no luck... I would be very happy to provide data from logs when connecting - please state which commands i should use, to make sure i do it correctly, thx :)

    Or another solution: If these pads really are not able to work correctly, maybe someone has an idea of some other clones that would work. If you could provide a link to a seller in the EU/UK part of the world, i would be VERY gratefull :D I did look into the 8bitdo pads, but they are kinda tiny for my hands and this is why i am after a more PS3'ish looking controller.

    Yours cincerely
    A Pi addict to be, who desperately needs a dose of wireless gaming ;)

  • Okay.. newest episode of the adventure of bluetooth

    I borrowed a pair of original PS3 pads from a friend, and they connected straight away :D So, now i at least am sure that i am doing it right.. sad thing is, my pads need to be returned, and i must continue my search for proper pads for use with my Pi.

    .... i am still very open for suggestions towards PS3-like pads that will work like the originals

  • Anybody tried these ones?

    I guess they're not PS3 style, and they need to be connected via 'ordinary' bluetooth... is that okay? And will there be problems with using two of them simultaneously?

  • @Xyb0t
    i have those ebay ones at home and tried every which way with the ps3 drivers. never thought to try the straight bluetooth?? ill let you know how i make out after i try tonight. they work great and paired instantly with the ps3 so i know there good on that aspect atleast

  • Please yes, let me know how it works out.

    I have also been looking at the clone with no logo. Did anyone try this?

  • So.. i gave up on crappy clones.

    To begin with, i wanted clones because it was kinda difficult to find a pair of original PS3 pads locally, but a few days ago i managed to find some, and even at a very reasonable price.
    I must admit that they rock severely!!! Connecting them was very easy, and they work like a charm :)

    All set, playing games and enjoying life!

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