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New Home Media PC build help/ questions- PCSX2, Dolphin, Processor capabilities.

  • Hello RetroPie world! I am seeking the knowledge to build a new all-in-one to replace my old PC that won't keep up with PCSX2. My current setup has Kodi, and Google Chrome (for Netflix), as well as RetroPie for all of my classic gaming wants/ needs. The issue I've run into is that it just doesn't keep up with PCSX2. So... I'm ready to find a cost effective upgrade.

    On the scope- a used, but functional HP/ Compaq USFF 8300 with an i5 3475S @ 2.9 Ghz. It has (what the spec sheet refers to as) an Intel 2500 graphics card, which if I understand correctly is driven off of the i5... The spec-sheet I found after searching the interwebs suggests that this said graphics with this said processor is capable of OpenGL 4.0...

    So down to my actual question and request for help, will this machine run PCSX2, and Dolphin (both GameCube and Wii) with no issues, or is this a waste of my time/ money?

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