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iPac controller not configured error message on loading roms

  • I'm trying to get rid of this pesky little yellow error message in the bottom of my screen every time I run a game.

    It's probably from trial-and-error sessions when I tried to get to learn the system, and had problems getting player 2 running on my iPac. At some time my iPac was set up like a gamepad, and maybe the system still looks for this gamepad?

    Anyways, everything works now, and I have tried #'ing the retroarch.cfg lines in the configs/all folder regarding joypads (line 341 and 394), with no luck.

    Anyone knows where this error message comes from and how I get rid of it?

    Running RetroPie 4.0 on a RaspbPi 3B with an iPac 2 setup running as keyboard.

  • @AndersHP The stock firmware presents the Ipac2 as a gamepad. The on screen message that you refer to can be turned off. In the retroarch.cfg file that you refer to, you must change:

    video_font_enable = true to video_font_enable = false

    if you do this and reboot, you will no longer see the message.

    This is the section of the file that deals with the look and position of the message on the screen:

    #Size of the font rendered.
    video_font_size = 32
    #Enable usage of OSD messages.
    video_font_enable = true
    #Offset for where messages will be placed on screen. Values are in range 0.0 to 1.0 for both x and y values.
    #[0.0, 0.0] maps to the lower left corner of the screen.
    video_message_pos_x = 0.05
    video_message_pos_y = 0.05
    #Color for message. The value is treated as a hexadecimal value.
    #It is a regular RGB hex number, i.e. red is "ff0000".
    video_message_color = ffffff

    I have tried #'ing the retroarch.cfg lines

    What do you mean? The hash means comment, so you remove the hash if you want that line to be included, keep it there if you do not, i.e. "commented out with a hash".

  • @rbaker said in iPac controller not configured error message on loading roms:

    @AndersHP The stock firmware presents the Ipac2 as a gamepad.

    i m interested in this matter..
    i m waiting for a ipac 2 ordered, because i know that it is seen like a keyboard...
    why retropie sees ipac 2 like a joypad?

  • @andrea_ita It is a very long story but you can follow it here:


    But in short, I contacted Andy at Ultimarc and he sent me a new firmware but he is frustrated by requests as he says there is a bug in Retropie that prevents the device from being detected as a keyboard during auto configure. I haven't updated mine yet as it's working based on my above order of connection. However, you will get messages that say ipac not configured which is ok if you want gamepads too. I think I stumbled on this solution but it works for my requirements.

  • @rbaker alright will try this, but wouldn't this remove all retroarch messages, including "game paused" "save states" etc. etc.?

  • @AndersHP Yes, all osd messages.

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