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Slow downs

  • Hi everyone thanks for taking your time to read this. I'm new to the Retro Pie and I've ran into a slight problem with my Raspberry Pi 3.

    I've looked at the forum rules, documentation & searched around for a solution but I can't find a definitive answer.

    First off, I followed a tutorial online and successfully turned my Pi into a RetroPie version 4.1 . I have a 16GB Class 10 Micro SD & a Official Black Raspberry Pi 5.1V 2.5A Power Supply (UK, EU).

    Now at first I didn't notice anything wrong but after a few months of playing I've noticed something that's effecting my gameplay. I've noticed that recently I've been getting pretty bad moments of slow down in certain intensive games.

    For example on Super Castlevaina 4. After stage 1 I start to get slow downs when killing / hitting certain monsters. The long bone dragons on Stage 3 often send my game into a crawl. The orange monsters on stage 3 (the ones who form smaller versions of themselves after being hit) are the worst for it. It can cause a full second of slow down.

    Or in UN Squadron using the cluster move on too many enemies causes a good amount of slow down. I've not been through every game but I also noticed it in Super Ghosts and Ghous aswell.

    Other games like Mario Kart, Ninja Gaiden Trilogy, Wrestlmania Arcade, all seem to play without any slow down.

    I have the cartridge version of Super Castlevaina IV and I know that these slow downs are not normal.

    I've tried using different video settings for each game or looking up certain Pi settings. I've also tried changing to a different TV but nothing seems to be working. I've exhausted everything I could possibly think of / look up. If anyone out there can help me with this it'd be much appreciated!

    Thank you

  • Have you recently updated anything on the Pi through the RetroPie menu? Something happened from 4.1.5 to 4.1.11 (or there abouts) which makes even my quad-core Pi 3 sluggish (not sluggish exactly, just unexplained split-second pauses where there were none before) at certain points for no apparent reason. I only notice them on NES and SNES games using the default emulators. MUCH more apparent on my Pi Zero's (which is when I first noticed this issue on anything after RetroPie 4.1.5).

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    are you sure this isn't native slowdown on the original hardware? super castlevania IV is particularly infamous for this, in the bits you mention. eg

  • @dankcushions said in Slow downs:

    are you sure this isn't native slowdown on the original hardware? super castlevania IV is particularly infamous for this, in the bits you mention. eg

    Good idea! I think your on to something - RetroPie emulating things TOO well - including slow down that's there on the actual console itself.

    I experienced this first hand on a Pi 3 when I first started messing with them - but with Castlevania (1) on NES. Think it was the first boss which had bad slowdown. When I tried it on my NES console itself (on a glorious retro CRT TV ;) the SAME exact thing happened. Thus the emulation is emulating how the actual SNES (or NES) played that particular game - slowdown and all.

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