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New Web Documentation

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    The new web documentation looks fantastic, but there are two questions I've been meaning to ask. First and foremost, is it still possible for the average user to edit the content and add pages? I've made several changes to my xboxdrv guide recently, yet the new pages aren't reflecting them. Second, I don't see a way to link to the sub sections of any of the guides on the new pages. Can this still be done?

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    Thanks! I'm glad at least one person likes them!

    To answer your questions: yes, you can still edit the original wiki as the web version is just a read only copy of the wiki

    The caveat is we have decided to generate it manually so I will need to update the modules. We thought about automating it but decided against it in case someone was being stupid on the wiki.

    There is a yml config I maintain that defines the pages/dropdowns on the left and I'm still debating on the organisation so I'm open to ideas.

    I'm typically on IRC on the weekend at points if you like to discuss it there or if you have any thoughts or suggestions I'm open to them.

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    It's really no problem. However, since I do refine it somewhat regularly in an uphill effort to simplify the procedures, I've posted a link at the top to the original github page, noting that it is potentially more current. I hope that you don't take this as as any kind of slight against your work in any way. The new pages look amazing and it's great to have that extra line of defense against unwanted or accidental changes.

    While I've got you in conversation and on a similar note, I have to commend both you, BuZz and whoever else was involved, on just how useful the offline Wiki Viewer has proven to be. I take my setup with me all over the place and WiFi isn't always an option. It really is nice to have what is essentially a full RetroPie manual built right in for easy reference. It's definitely one of the most underrated features lurking under the hood.

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    @mediamogul the other issue is the markdown parser has a bug that fails to render single column tables so I have a patched version until the upstream is updated.

    That's fine if you have a link to the wiki. People still need to know that they can edit it ;) (outside of the 3 or 4 that do) I get emails anytime someone edits the wiki so I see how frequently you change your mind (almost as much as me!)

    due to the general lack of response on the updated docs I'm either guessing people don't read the wiki or they all do and are happy with it (let's go with that one)

    Jools and wetriner are the ones to thank for the offline wiki I had nothing to do with that one

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    @herb_fargus said in New Web Documentation:

    I get emails anytime someone edits the wiki so I see how frequently you change your mind

    I have to say, knowing that is almost embarrassing. I do try to limit my changes to grouped additions, but occasionally I peruse what I wrote earlier and wonder if there was a gas leak at the time. Then I'm guilty of chipping away at it until it sounds better. When that doesn't work, I just get drunk... I'm drunk a lot.

  • @herb_fargus said in New Web Documentation:


    Thanks! I'm glad at least one person likes them!

    Well, you got yourself another one! :)

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