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  • Hello everyone,

    I am just getting to the finishing touches on my RP build, and I have run into a problem with Reicast.

    I have the emulator installed along with the bios and some roms, but when I load it up, I get to the clock update (which I have been told is normal). However, the problem is that when I try to set the time and go, none of the buttons work.

    I can move up/down and left/right, but none of the buttons will let me past the screen.

    I went into my key mappings for my controller, and a cfg was already there for my NES30 Pro, which stated as follows:

    mapping_name = 8Bitdo NES30 Pro
    btn_escape = 298

    btn_a = 289
    btn_b = 288
    btn_c =
    btn_d =
    btn_x = 292
    btn_y = 291
    btn_z =
    btn_start = 299
    btn_dpad1_left =
    btn_dpad1_right =
    btn_dpad1_up =
    btn_dpad1_down =
    btn_dpad2_left =
    btn_dpad2_right =
    btn_dpad2_up =
    btn_dpad2_down =
    axis_x = 0
    axis_y = 1
    axis_trigger_left =
    axis_trigger_right =

    btn_trigger_left = 294
    btn_trigger_right = 295
    axis_dpad1_x = 2
    axis_dpad1_y = 3
    axis_dpad2_x =
    axis_dpad2_y =
    axis_x_inverted = no
    axis_y_inverted = no
    axis_trigger_left_inverted =
    axis_trigger_right_inverted =
    axis_dpad1_y_inverted = no
    axis_dpad1_x_inverted = no

    I found a post somewhere else with a different config, but when i loaded that, none of the buttons worked.

    At this point, I am completely stuck, so any help anyone has would be really appreciated. Thank you.

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