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Raspberry Pi or Retropie Kills My Wifi or Router

  • Hi

    Hope someone can help.

    I bought a Raspberry Pi 3 model B at the weekend and set up with an image install of Retropie.

    Connecting to the wifi works fine and i get access to my Virgin Super Hub 2.

    As soon as it gets access though or i try and install other packages in Retropie the wifi stops working and my laptop / phone have trouble connecting. I then have to wait for the package installl to fail on the pi and turn it off / reset the router.

    I can access the retropie as a folder on my computer to transfer files though this is hit and miss with constant failures on anything over a few mb.

    Trying to connect the pi to a mobile hotspot via the router causes the same issue.

    Can anyone advise what i need to do to make everything work together nicely?

    Thanks for any advice, i did a fair amount if searching but couldnt find anything similar.


  • My suggestion would not to use a Virgin Super Hub......

    With every single ISP I have used including Virgin I have had nothing but problems with the ISP supplied routers, both with the Pi and other devices just dropping or bouncing the connection. In the end I ended up buying my own router and I've not had any problems since.

  • @langy1987 thanks. Any suggestions on a cheap one?

  • @TheKrakenWakes I've got the Virgin router and have never had any issues with it after setting up and using 3 different Pis running Retropie.

    Have you restarted the router recently? I've had to restart mine a couple of times recently due to WiFi issues unrelated to Retropie?

  • @markyh444 hi thanks for tge reply. Did you do anything special other tjan simply connect to wifi? No channel switching etc? Ive had to reset the router a few times die to the pi seemingly causing the issues. Essentially its the additional packages im looking to add.

  • @TheKrakenWakes Nope. Tended to use cabled LAN for the Pi2 and Pi3 I setup, but set up a zero over WiFi no problem.

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