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Problems tyrquake addons and keyboard problems

  • I am on a raspberry pi 3 with Retropie 4.1.14 Commit a65ac5d. So i added the full game quake pak1.pak in the id folder. I added the first two addons to their folders hipnotic and rogue as per github tyrquake. I add the 5th dimension and the first two paks as described to the dopa folder. I gave permissions to all those files. Then it says you need to reinstall tyrquake after that. So i go into setup and install it, also did delete then install from binary and still only pak 0 works. When i boot the runcommand says loading pak0. The paks never show up. And when i exit tyrquake my keyboard no longer works in linux stuff. ie: runcommand, retropie setup, command line, etc... but works fine in stuff like dosbox. Not sure why? Do i need to install from source to use everything other than the shareware? The full game has a pak 0 and pak1. I assume pak 0 is the same thing. Ive replaced the 1.6 shareware one with my 1.8 one still only loads pak0.

  • So i installed from source and it gave me the .sh for rogue and hipnotic. So from there i knew how to make the full version and the dopa ones. So i have them all working now.

    However, the keyboard still stops working in linux stuff after playing tyrquake.

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