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Tapper: anyone managed to save high scores?

  • Hey guys, I'm new to the forum and relatively new to my handful of Pis, but have been involved with emulation, console modification, and repairing actual arcade machines for 20 years now.

    I'm trying to build a standalone bar-top Tapper clone cab with a Pi Zero, and while I have finally found success in emulation minus some sound glitches (with lr-imame4all exclusively), I've had no luck in saving the high scores. The actual production Tapper machine, of course, saved those in NVRAM and then dumped it when disconnected/powered off, so this isn't surprising.

    Including Hiscore.dat, both the "new" and "old" versions of which, has made no difference either, and I fully updated my RetroPie install just a few hours ago before making the post, as I saw there was a recent new build that made hiscore.dat redundant.

    Has anyone had luck with it?


  • I believe I'm using mame 2010 for tapper, though I'm not sure. Maybe that one would make it easier for high score saving?

    EDIT: I was wrong, it actually is lr-mame2003, it seems to work correctly.

  • What version rom are you using with lr-mame2003?

  • @pjft said

    EDIT: I was wrong, it actually is lr-mame2003, it seems to work correctly.

    I didn't know Tapper worked in lr-mame2003.

  • @windale I've had no luck with it in 2003 either.

  • I was under the same impression, but it seems to work now. I'm using the latest lr-mame2003, compiled from source, and as the ROM.

    In the past I believe the controls didn't work, but now they seem to work. Maybe it is related to some of the changes from December?

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