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Update Issues

  • Is anyone else having serious issues following the latest update? I thought it was isolated to N64 games but I am having issues across the board now. Controllers don't respond properly in any of the setup screens (RetroPie setup, Bluetooth setup, wifi setup, etc.) my 8bitdo SNES30 is mapped completely wrong inside all my ROMs and is virtually useless, my ds4 controller seems to be working fine but when I try to connect to a second one the system freezes, and I can't enter run command for any of my ROMs to change emulators. Just curious if anyone else is having a difficult time? I'm afraid I'm gonna have to start from scratch since like an idiot I forgot to save a backup image. Scraping 2000 games is gonna suck lol

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    Scraping 2000 games is gonna suck

    If you do have to start over, just transplant /opt/retropie/configs/all/emulationstation/downloaded_images and opt/retropie/configs/all/emulationstation/gamelists to your new install.

  • I'm new to this stuff myself, and it is happening to me also.
    I mistakenly did a kernal update while trying to navigate around, and 20 minutes later I had no way to exit apps like Retroarch and only tested with GBA roms, but both I attempted would not work right for my NES30 Pro. I'm going to have to start over also. I hope they fix this issue soon. I've had to unplug twice because of this, and going to learn SSH before trying any more games.

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