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PowerBlock no longer shuts system down

  • I've been using a PowerBlock with a switch and a LED with my Raspberry Pi 3 for a few months, and I really like it. It's been working perfectly until I updated RetroPie to 4.1. Now when I switch my console off the LED blinks, but the system does not power down. I'm guessing I need to update the drivers... but I'm unsure how to do that if I've got old drivers installed.

    Sorry if there is an obvious fix that I've overlooked. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  • I'm in the same boat with a fresh install and updates as of yesterday(7/27/2017).
    Powers on great! off, not so great

  • Have you been able to find a solution to that?

  • Global Moderator

    You mean you need a tutorial for updating or reinstalling the PowerBlock driver, right?

    What you could try is to run

    wget -O - | sudo bash

    from the command line to execute the auto-install routine of the PowerBlock driver (as described at Maybe that solves your issue?

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