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Emulators not showing with ROMs loaded

  • So Im brand new to the Raspberry Pi world, and retropie. I have a Pi3. I downloaded ISO off of RetroPie website, followed guide to write it to SD card. After several hours of troubleshooting ( again Im a newb) I got emulations station running (for some reason none of the dependencies were included in the ISO). Controller configured, roms loaded via USB, Emulation station is not showing emulators, the only option I have available to me is configure. I have installed using option 1, and updated all packaged in retropie set up. Im not sure where to go from here.

  • @camaro5690 What do you mean by "none of the dependencies were included", and which version of the RetroPie image did you use? Whenever I have used a RetroPie image, it boots directly into Emulation Station. Was that not the case for you?

    Also, what exactly did you do during, "roms loaded via USB"?

    We should be able to get this sorted with more details.

  • @caver01
    When I first installed from the image, emulation station would not boot due to missing files/dependencies, I had to apt-get every one of them to get emulation station to boot up. Image is version. 4.1 directly from official website, for pi2/3.

    I used the usb stick to transfer rom files to retropie, have double checked, and all roms are in proper locations. However when I am in emulation station literally the only option available is configuration. No systems showing up at all.

  • Reformatted SD and started over fresh, now it works, well except for PSX. I put the bios in the bios folder on test usb, and still not functioning.

  • @camaro5690 Whew! Ok, that was odd for sure. As for PSX, I can't offer much help, as I have not used it.

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