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Favorite scraper to use in Sselphs Scraper

  • Just wondering what everyone's favorite scraper is in Sselphs Scraper. I mostly use USA Roms from No-Intro sets. I love how fast screen Scraper or openvgdb works and screen Scraper seems to get most everything. I've noticed openvgdbs artwork is not as good. Thegamesdb takes forever but I think their video game descriptions are the best of the bunch. What do you guys think?

  • I prefer TheGamesDB to get all Infos, after that I use universal xml scraper to make mix images and then I merge them together

  • Hi @EctoOne - what tool do you use to merge your XML files after scraping with different scrapers? I like the way names are handled using the inbuilt scrapers but I want to merge with the description and mix images from the Universal XML Scraper. Thanks in advance for any help!

  • @retrolove
    Since I'm using the complete xml from the inbuilt scraper (not sselphs), I just replace the images afterwards with the one UXS creates. Then I use the RetroPie Metadata Editor to manually check the xml and add/fix the data.
    I don't know of any easy way to merge the data from different sources.

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