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Weird Stuff happening

  • Hello folks!

    I have a weird Problem and I really don't understand it.
    I've got my Raspberry roughly a Month ago, and there are so many beautiful tutorials that helped me with everything i needed, from playing Games directly from an USB Stick or applying a On-Off Button. Stuff works out fine.

    But yesterday I have encountered something strange:

    I added some games to my Stick, and plugged it into my Raspberry Pi 3 - and to my surprise: it did not show all the games
    I added 20 games, PSX to be precise, and it only showed 4-5
    not only that, it also showed them double like this:

    • Example Game
    • ._Example Game

    the same happened with some gba games and nes games, very weird.

    some work, some do not work and since than games just wont even start and that makes me sad! I would really like to know how to fix that problem!

    before you ask:

    • Yes, the games had the suported file-extentions such as bin, cue, iso, img, etc.
    • I have a 32GB FAT USB Stick, the games in total have a filesize of roughly 9GB
    • I had no errors while copying the games
    • I had no errors while extracting the games
    • when i start a game, it just returns to the game selection screen (advanced view, i guess thats what you call it)

    Games that did not show up: (Just talking about PSX)

    • Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories
    • Lego Rockraiders
    • Golden Goal 98
    • Xena
    • Spiderman
      (and couple more, can't remember anymore since I am at work atm)

    Games that did not work:

    • Re-Volt!
    • Harvest Moon
    • Lego Racers
    • Worms Armageddon & Worldparty
      (and couple more, can't remember anymore since I am at work atm)

    Games that do work! (gotto end on a high-note)

    • Gran Turismo 2
    • Builders Block
    • Fifa 2005
    • Martian Gothic
    • Knockout Kings 2001

    Thank You all in advance!

    Here is a little joke to lighten up that tense mood:
    So a Wolf walks in to a Bar and orders a Beer. The Bartender asks "Howl do you do?"

  • administrators

    @SekiRaze all PSX games need a cue file. Mentioned in the docs (worth a read)

    Also possible some didn't transfer due to the size of all of them, may be worth checking they were actually transferred

  • @herb_fargus
    Yeah they do! all .bin files have a .cue file!
    I'll check later on today thank yoU!

  • administrators

    @SekiRaze the name inside the .cue file may not match.

  • @BuZz

    I did not rename them after extracting so it is the same bin and cue file name

  • administrators

    @SekiRaze linux filesystem is case sensitive - so the names do not always match up correctly.

  • Global Moderator

  • @dankcushions

    "(i believe i encountered it when a transfer via OSX/samba failed)"

    I did use my Macbook to Transfer the Data, I should check at home what changes if I use my PC to transfer the data!

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