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Dreamcast Controller Not Working

  • I have a generic USB controller with the same buttons as a PS2/3 controller. It was set up as the first input device. I try to play a Dreamcast game and am given the dialog to configure the date. I search around on the Internet and I'm not clear on whether this is supposed to be working. The RetroPie wiki or whatever says it uses autoconfig. I confess not knowing anything about autoconfiguration but I assume that means my controller should do something, and it does nothing.

    When I start Reicast there is a little command prompt flashing in the lower-left that I can type into with my keyboard. This is the only kind of interaction I am able to perform. On the advice of several forum posts that may or may not be related (I think they are, but I also thought RetroPie would configure my controller for Reicast automatically and it didn't, so I'll just say that I don't know), I changed /opt/retropie/configs/all/autoconf.cfg so that "reicast_input" is equal to every digit from 0-4 (none worked).

    Pi Model or other hardware: (Pi 3 Model B)
    Power Supply used: (2.5A)
    RetroPie Version Used (4.1):
    Built From: (Pre made SD Image on RetroPie website, installed about 1 month ago, not sure image name)
    USB Devices connected: 1 USB controller, 1 2.4GHz receiver for a mini wireless keyboard/touchpad
    Controller used: USB Controller
    Error messages received:
    Log found in /dev/shm/runcommand.log (if relevant):
    Guide used: (Mention if you followed a guide)
    File: (File with issue - with FULL path)
    Emulator: (Name of emulator - if applicable) REICAST
    Attachment of config files: TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT
    How to replicate the problem: Install RetroPie (for the record this problem was the same with another version I installed using Berryboot), place ANY Dreamcast ISO in the Dreamcast folder, reboot, try to run the game, get frustrated

    I want to add that I did the thing about mapping non-standard controllers with Folly. Took me a while to find it since I stopped after reading that RetroPie uses autoconfiguration, because clearly the intended configuration was not working. I went through that process and saved the output in a file that I arbitrarily named /home/pi/.reicast/mappings/gamepad_generic_random.cfg. I don't know if there is some specific name I am supposed to use for this file, because there is nothing anywhere to tell me so, so I'm guessing this random name I use is okay?

    Also worth mentioning the other controller I tried this with was an official PS3 controller.

  • You shouldn't have to reconfigure a controller to use Reicast. Do your controllers work with other emulators in RetroPie? The default mappings for Reicast should mimic the ones for standard Libretro controllers.

  • I'm sorry for the slow reply. My controllers work with all Libretro emulators, and no others. They don't work with Reicast, mupen64, etc.

  • Have you tried seting up your controller this way, (you will need a keyboard), navigate to Retropie icon, then select Retropie setup, then select configuration / tools, then find and select reicast from the list. This is where you will need your keyboard, select your device ID, (0-3 depending on which usb port you are in, there will also be a breif description of the type of controller it is, like Xbox 360, generic usb, etc), then you will be prompted with something like, 'would you like to select D-Pad Up (y or n)? select y then enter the D-Pad, Up, continue thru the promts to configure your controller, there are some that you may not want to set up, like the c button or z button, for those, just enter n, for no. when finished, (as always) restart the box. I hope this helps.


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