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Very quick bluetooth joypad question!

  • I have my first RetroPie setup looking all lovely and exciting, only problem being i am currently using n iBuffalo SNES-style pad which although it works great is connected across my living room by USB - very unsightly!

    So i am thinking about getting a bluetooth controller and need to know the following -

    once the bluetooth controller is 'paired' to the Pi, if i switch them both off will they reconnect automatically the next time everything is switched on again? (I presume the controller would have an on/off switch to save the battery?

    If so, anyone got a recommendation for a good quality SNES style bluetooth pad? I have seen pretty good reviews on Amazon about the 8BitDo ones, anyone got any experience of them?

  • @chubsta get the SNES30 and you'll get what you want. ;)

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