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PS3 controller not working with FBA via bletooth

  • I'm using the pi zero and had my USB connected to my PS3 controller and everything was working as it should not that I finally got my controller connected via bluetooth works fine with other emulators but not FBA
    Please help

  • @Floob pifba for some reason player one works fine usb connected once i go bluetooth nothing and also i just came across that player 2 same thing even with the wire connected

  • Try one of the 2 libretro versions instead to see if you have the same issues, as that way it will latch on to your Retroarch settings.

  • @Floob I'm now running retropie 4.2 on pi zero
    when trying to get my neo geo games to work i used to use pifba on 4.1 and it would work perfectly with my wired ps3 only one player now that I'm using 4.2 pifba games run perfect but my ps3 controller doesn't work right up=start down=select if figure that much not when i change emulator to lr-fbalpha controller works perfect but the games start to lag and not working perfectly i haven't tried bluetooth yet but i figure it will be the same PLEASE HELP BEEN STUCK FOR A WHILE

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