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  • Hi, I've been playing with my raspberrypi for some time now, just last night i finally fixed my overscan issue but i have an issue which i want to know if anybody else is having.
    A game called "Vampire"/"Master of Darkness" on master system doesn't work properly on retropie emulator, the game while playable doesn't register hits so basically you're invincible and that's just no fun.
    I've tried using the rom file on my pc on fusion emulator and it works fine. So i know it's not the rom file but the emulator.
    Does anybody have any solutions to this issue?
    I also tried downloading a different rom, plus different region versions but no fix.

  • Have you tried changing the core?

  • @WrongEneny7 works perfect for me in lr-genesis-plus-gx

  • @XVO how do you change the core? And what is the core?

  • Banned

    @WrongEneny7 The "core" is the emulator used. Launch the game and press a button when you see the runcommand box. You can set a default for the system or choose a specific "core" for that particular ROM.

  • Picodrive is a very poor core for Master System games. It's great (fast) for Genesis games and essential for 32x and Sega CD, but Master System emulation seems to be an afterthought on Pico. The spites frequently don't draw properly or disappear from the screen when they're not supposed to, and some menus don't work right at all.

    @WrongEneny7 didn't mention which core he was using, but if it's Picodrive, then that's the problem.

  • @AlexMurphy yes, thank you! I've changed the core emulator to something something genesis and now it isbfully working. So happy 😊

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