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4.2 and Berryboot conflict.

  • I know you can't give support for Berryboot images but there is a minor conflict that can prove rom sftp uploading to SD card, a lil troublesome.
    Since as of 4.2 version, SSH is disabled and can only enabled by Raspi-config, Berryboot users may have to seek for a workaround because Berryboot does not mount retropie's boot sector and raspi-config can't work without it so the connection from Retropie is refused.

    There is a workaround posted by a fellow here:
    ...but there are any plans to allow ssh functionality through retropie's menu or implement this workaround or sum at some point?

  • administrators

    @zupi no - if using berryboot you can manually enable ssh though - sudo update-rc.d ssh enable, then reboot.

    i wouldn't recommend using berryboot retropie unless you are confident in a linux terminal (eg to work things like this out), as there may well be other issues too.

  • Truth to be told I am more confident with Sudoku and subway more than Sudo and terminals but at least I can get the point of the deep waters of using Berryboot. Thanks. :)

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