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Arcade joystick suggestions.

  • Hi i am new and am embarking on a bartop arcade project. I have ordered the pi 3 and want to learn all i can about it . I have been reading this forum alot and every few days i see new posts regarding controllers . I have a ps3 controller that i am going to use at first to learn . My problem is when i get my arcade built what 2 joystick and buttons are the best options and the most pain free getting them to work properly. Thank you for reading.

  • @beamquaker Well my advice would be to obtain a keyboard encoder such as the ipac. This device will allow your raspberry pi to see a button press as if it were a keyboard stroke. This allows you to easily connect a keyboard on boot up, configure all the controls then swap the keyboard for the ipac and you are done. You just need a clearly labelled plan of which button will effectively be which keyboard function. I got all my stuff from here.

  • @rbaker i saw the ipac encoder. I'm sure i saw a detailed guide on this forum to get it working. I am going to buy the cabinet from arcadeworlduk . Im wanting to mess about with the pi and get some knowledge before i buy the rest of the parts. Did u make an arcade ? .

  • @beamquaker Yes, it can be viewed here.

  • @rbaker that looks amazing. I take it u did the cabinet aswell ? . I don't have the ability or tools for that part . I'm shocked how much the vinyl stickers cost .

  • @beamquaker Yes, I used mdf and a hand jigsaw. It was a pain. I would buy a cab kit if making another as there is only about a £20 saving and the time saved would be massive. Particularly in terms of the T-mould slot which was equally painful. Rockstar print supplied the vinyl and as you say, quite an expense. However, you do get what you pay for in terms of the quality for sure. I built it based on this.

  • @rbaker that article that you provided a link for was the article that inspired me to start this arcade journey . I think i will probably buy the ipac when the time comes. Thanks for the help. This forum is full of information and help and nice people .

  • @beamquaker No problem, just post any questions you have.

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