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Quake II and Half-Life 1 possible?

  • Are these games out of bounds for RetroPie 4.2? Or do I just need the right emulators? Sorry if this seems like a noobish question ("how can you possibly think these games would run? They need...")

  • I'm also curious about this. Since all of the Quake games were open sourced, I figured Quake II would be available as a port. It sounds like people have gotten it working on ARM-based Linux but is a little shaky.

  • Well Steam has a Linux port so you can play HL1 directly in the system, there are videos on YouTube showing that, it's playable. There's also PS2 port of HL1 which is beyond Pi's scope currently...

  • @MisterXen the problem is not as much the OS it was compiled for (windows/linux/etc) as it is mainly the compilation process. HL1 is "based of " quake 2 engine and can be compiled for whatever OS but only for "computer processors," not "mobile processor"/ARM
    Your best chance to get them running right now is using exagear.

  • @Aryetis Indeed, the video I was referring used ExaGear:

  • Quake 2 is GPL. Half Life is almost certainly not going to happen for normies (people who aren't going to heavily invest time in configuring exogear) but Quake 2? Quake 2 should absolutely run on the PI (it runs Quake 1 and 3!! why not Quake 2?) and should be in the RetroPie setup scripts. No idea why it isn't. Probably no one likes it enough to have bothered, or maybe they prefer the PS1 version for it's splitscreen multiplayer.

  • i think i have seen vids with the Pi running Quake 2, but there was no sound.
    Im sure give it some more time someone will get it to run

  • For me personally, Quake 2 is my favorite of the Quake games. Most hardcore fans seem to look down on it but I really think its co-op gameplay was a particularly strong element.

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