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XBox One Controller Chatpad

  • What are the odds of being able to add support to current gen controlers (Xbox One/S Controllers for example) to be able to use the official chatpads that you can purchase? I'm talking about this one

    I think the PS4 controller has one as well, but I'm not sure if it is an official product.

    I know the XBox One (bluetooth model) is still not working right with the select button issues, having to disabling etrm and the guide button doesn't register as anything when connecting to bluetooth... but it would be awesome to have a keyboard on your controller for the times when you need one without having to plug one in. Currently when using my XBox controller via bluetooth my bluetooth keyboard acts up and is basically useless, so using the chatpad would be a nice touch.

    Here is the fix incoming for the bluetooth (although I don't know how to test it and when I tried, it didn't work).

  • @alaindesjardins
    I've tried the Chatpad with the Xbox 360 controller but it only works when you're connected USB. I couldn't get it to work wirelessly. Also that Chatpad is missing some important keys that you would need for the Linux command prompt. I don't know about the Xbox One Chatpad.

  • FYI Xbox One accessories are not supported when connected via Bluetooth

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