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Announcing Pegasus Frontend

  • @fluffypillow any chance the gamepad input's could support the select button (xbox back button I guess?). I'm currently doing a strange hack in order to use it lol. (I'm sure this is highly improper but it's working for me)

        Keys.onPressed: {
            if (api.keys.isAccept(event) && !event.isAutoRepeat) {
                event.accepted = true;
            //Hack to check if it was the Gamepad Select button
            if (event.key.toString() == "1048586" && !event.isAutoRepeat) {
                event.accepted = true;

  • @SinisterSpatula you mean you'd like to use one fixed gamepad button, even if the user remapped it? Well, technically yes, it's possible, just note that there might be users who can't use that button (for whatever reason). If you still want to do it, at the moment the gamepad buttons are in the range 0x100000-0x10000F (eg. event.key == 0x10000A for Select). (They don't have fancy names like keyboard keys, but they should work fine.)

  • I guess I'm thinking of a user remappable but optional button. In case a theme want's to utilize select to call up a special feature, but I guess this need goes away when theme settings screen becomes officially part of pegasus, but could still be useful, like a hotkey perhaps, so a theme could look for hotkey+[whatever button] combo to do something unique.

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