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  • Im building a compact handheld games system, the idea is to use a 4 port usb hub, I will have 3 ports accesible from the outside of the case, and one will be hardwired to a usb sound card.
    I have bench tested everything. it worked ok. Then I removed all of the usb cables and hard wired everything, turn it on, and nothing works,
    the usb hub doesnt work, I can connect a usb controller and it wont register, and the usb sound doesnt work,
    I have desoldered the thing from the pi and put the usb cable back on, and in windows it all works fine,

    Has anyone come across anything like this? the only thing I can think of is that the pi has an issue if the hub is connected at boot? maybe during the bench test I conencted it after boot, but I dont think so.

    The only difference I can see right now is that when it worked there was a female usb on the pi and a male usb on the hub, I then changed that for one 4 strand ribbon cable.

    Other than that I cant see what has happened.

  • Well after some trouble shooting the silly chinease guy who made the hub had swapped the data lines over, so the colours were not inline with the standard.

    all working hunky dorey now.

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