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Scraped images not showing up.

  • Good morning guys. I've been scrapping a Mame romset with mamescraper on my PC. Everything worked beautifuly and left me with a gamelist file and .png files. I exited emulationstation, deleted the previous "arcade" gamelist .xml file, transferred the new one and put all the images in the "arcade" downloaded images file. Started Emulationstation, my metadatas were there for each games but no pictures. Is there an issue with the .xml file? That is how it started:

    <?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
    <name>'88 Games</name>
    <desc>Export release. Game developed in Japan by Konami. For more information, please see the original Japanese release entry: "Hyper Sports Special [Model GX861]".</desc>
    <genre>Sports / Track & Field</genre>

    Do I have to edit it? Thanks for your help. Retropie is awsome.

  • @captainvelvet you said you put your images in the "downloaded images" folder, but the code you posted is looking for an "images/" folder. That could be your issue.

  • What should I do? Create that "images/" folder and put my images in it? Where do I have to create it?
    Or do I have to edit the .xml file?

  • @captainvelvet: Before moving all your images you could just try changing the path the <image> tag is pointing too. If you aren't sure what the path should be, maybe try a few different variations on just the first couple of game entries in the xml.

  • Fixed it! I've created an "images" file into my arcade roms file and put the pictures in there. Everything works like a charm now! Thanks for your help.

  • @captainvelvet Great. I'm glad you got it working.

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