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Controller (DS4) stopped working with RetroPie 4.2 and Ubuntu 16.10

  • Here's the summary: After updating to 4.2 from 4.1, my DS4 controller stopped working with RetroArch. I also added the Kodi repository (ppa:team-xbmc/ppa) so that the RetroPie script could get all the packages needed to install Kodi. The controller works with EmulationStation and Kodi. I can reset and reconfigure the controllers with the ES reconfig menu. I can do everything but get RetroArch to respond to the controllers.

    Hardware is a mid-2011 Mac Mini i5 2.3GHz with Ubuntu 16.10. I just did a full system update using the RetroPie setup script. I removed the ES input config and the controller config in RetroPie itself. When I re-run the config controller, I can see it writing the input to the correct directory. I do notice that there is a registered trademark character in the cfg (Sony Interactive Entertainment DUALSHOCK®4 USB Wireless Adaptor.cfg).

    As noted above, I've only added the Kodi repo and performed a full update. I'm wondering if the Kodi repo has different packages than RetroPie expects.

    Does anyone have any ideas? Is RetroPie just not good with 4.2 and Ubuntu 16.10? Thanks for any help!

  • Something got corrupted during the install. I did a fresh install and it works fine.

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