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Controller macro functions, similar to Kawaks emulator?

  • Hello, thank you for taking the time.

    I used to do all my retro gaming on my computer but recently converted a RPi 2 B board to a retro emulationstation center.
    Most of the time all is well, however, because of the awkward button positions on the Xbox controller I usually use macro binds - available in a lot of emulators for win32/64 arch.

    Several actions bound to single trigger, possible?
    I have been unsuccessfull in finding any docs or clues in the configurations that would allow a button, let's say Left Trigger, to be bound to several actions such as the CD button combination used for special movies in Samurai Showdown, amongst others.

    I wonder:
    Is there a way to bind these otherwise rarely used buttons to several actions, or macros and if so, how/where?

    I would really like to use the shoulders and triggers on both sides for macro binds.
    I have spent quite some time looking for this and while there's a lot of stones left unturned I figured I'd
    save some time by sharing my quest with the lovely gamers here.


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