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Outline text in gamelist?

  • Is it possible to have text outlined for better visibility in gameslists, descriptions etc? I've tried some suggestions but the tags don't seem to correspond with such a feature...

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    @duiz You could change the font, the font colour or even the font size in whatever theme you are using.

  • As the text tag list doesn't contain something like outline

    Available tags:
    pos, size, text, color, fontPath, fontSize, alignment, forceUppercase, lineSpacing

    you have to use a font with a outline. Just search for a folder called "art" in the root of the theme you want to edit and replace the old font with the new one.
    If you don't want to mess around with the XML files, rename the new font like the original one was called.

    That's it. If you need more help or a finished solution, tell me.

    EDIT: If a change of the font color would fix your problem to you could edit the "main" XML (it isn't called main in most cases), located at root of the theme folder. Edit the color hash in the <color> tag

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