Source Code

For the source and instructions on how to install RetroPie from source please see our RetroPie-Setup Project on GitHub. This is where we manage the main code which ties all the parts of RetroPie together. We also manage additional software on GitHub, which can be found under the RetroPie Organisation. Other parts of RetroPie are pulled in from external repositories as needed by the RetroPie-Setup script.

Getting involved

Contributions to the project are welcome, from helping other users on the forum, to contributing back code, or simply by donating to the project.

If wanting to contribute towards development, please familiarise yourself with our code base, and have a read through our Shell Styleguide and API documentation.

Bug fixes via Pull Requests are always appreciated, but if you have ideas for new features or functionality, you should started a discussion first over at our forum, to make sure it’s something we would accept. We use the Issue Tracker on our GitHub Project page for tracking bugs and enhancements. Please keep support / help requests to the forum. If unsure, please use the forum first.

External Links

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