Vilros sponsorship

Thanks very much to Vilros who are generously making a donation to the RetroPie project for every Raspberry Pi gaming kit they sell.

Vilros was founded in 2010 with the goal of helping to create a more technological society. They are passionate about promoting STEM education and making it easily accessible for all people, regardless of their economic status or educational background.

They offer a robust mix of products and bundles related to Arduino and Raspberry Pi including computer robotics hardware, starter kits, boards, components, wires, resistors, transistors, and cases.

You can visit their site at

More Power and USB-C for the ControlBlock


ControlBlock with USB-C and dedicated power switch IC

The ControlBlock provides

  • a soft power switch and status indication functionality, as well as
  • an easy-to-use interface for original and arcade game controllers.

It has been updated now with a dedicated power switch IC to provide all the power that you need for your retro project. Also, it comes with a a USB-C connector to align well with the latest Raspberry Pi connector changes.

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RetroPie 4.7.1 update

RetroPie 4.7.1 images are now available from the Download Page.

Unfortunately a couple of bugs crept into the EmulationStation front-end for the 4.7 release. A performance issue causing EmulationStation to have a poor frame rate and an bug affecting its built in scrapers.

The performance issue affected Raspberry Pi 0/1/2/3 users and is related to a problem with the EmulationStation GLESv2 renderer on the legacy broadcom drivers (we have switched to the previous GLESv1 renderer for now).

The scraper issue affected all systems, and was a problem introduced recently in the development branch that we missed.

These issues are resolved in the 4.7.1 image. If you have already installed the 4.7 image you don’t need to re-download. Just choose the “update” option from the main menu in RetroPie-Setup.

Raspberry Pi 400 is released

The Raspberry Pi 400 is released today – A Raspberry Pi 4 based system built into a compact keyboard. To find out more about the new machine please visit

RetroPie 4.7 is compatible with the new Raspberry Pi 400 and can be downloaded from – Press the download button named “Raspberry Pi 4/400”.

You can also find out more about the system including a tear-down and a demo of RetroPie running on it in a new video from Perifractic’s Retro Recipes.