Ok this case is solved or fixed , whatever you want to call it. I was able to connect controller to a windows machine , it will not connect with current micro usb , so I tried some others until one worked . I was able to see this in the device manager as a HID- compliant game controller. So now I tried it back on the Linux machine. checked in terminal with the lsmod and lsusb commands it came back as this.Screenshot at 2021-12-03 10-40-41.png Screenshot at 2021-12-03 10-45-00.png Then I tried it in Retropie. On the config screen it detected the Ximo msg. Controller works on games but have to spend some time mapping out. Something so simple ,crazy. I also tried it on another Linux machine with no Nano edit , it detected and worked fine ,so this is a plug and play device. Screenshot at 2021-11-30 10-29-30.png Thanks again for the input / help .