@tonberryhunter I think this thread shows exactly that you are not right about the current state. You are opening a thread where you talk in a derogatory tone about moderators, who work in their free time and give the software for free, doing what they can do for you if you have a problem. They maintain the site and forum. Yet, you don't change your abusive tone. And guess what?* This thread did not got closed! You are free to tell your opinion or ask questions in a fair and friendly manner, even if you aren't friendly, you don't get banned. But don't expect help in that case. Now, if you want talk about the state of the forum and moderators, I can tell you my experience. Some of them are actively discussing here in the forum and are helping with useful answers. Of course you can't expect every answer to be perfect, even if they would be paid professionals (which is not the case here). I have no complaints here. So my advice is: Be polite, the nice tone will change everything. Edit: I can understand if you get frustrated because a problem isn't solved, I also experienced some frustrations here and there. That don't give us a free ticket to attack the moderators. RetroPie and emulation on Raspberry Pi isn't a flawless easy experience, there are known and unknown problems and you should know this fact. If you commit yourself to this project, then expect that, we are sitting on the same boat.