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Rant : Does this forum have an active community of knowledgeable mods?

  • I see that many posts go unanswered on this forum. Is it safe to say that the mods arent quite knowledgeable with the subject on hand?

    I understand as a mod your job isnt exactly to know about the material but I'm a bit surprised at how unhelpful most people are here. I find Facebook groups, Youtube and my Instagram to be a better place for insight on the subject of Retropie.

    Hopefully I did not offend any dedicated forum warriors with this post.

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    @multigamesystem said in Rant : Does this forum have an active community of knowledgeable mods?:

    Is it safe to say that the mods arent quite knowledgeable with the subject on hand?

    Let me phrase it differently: is it safe to say the mods develop this in their free time and write documentation that would answer the majority of the forum posts and they figure that their time is better spent on coding rather than answering the same questions over and over again when the answer is readily available through documentation and if not, subsequent trial and error?

    Also looking at your post history/Instagram it's obvious your intention is to sell something. Why should we provide expert support to bankroll you repackaging retropie as added value to whatever you end up piecing together?

  • @herb_fargus

    Expected a wise remark but was hoping for a more honest debate about the current state of support on this forum.

    I dont sell software or roms I design and scratch build hardware. If you want to bundle me together with those shady rom sellers on ebay thats your prerogative.

    Its the end users duty to setup the software end of things. I get frequent requests to buy my custom Retropie images and turn them away every time. They are merely to aid in the development of my hardware since I myself have very minimal coding knowledge.

    If my site was still up you could see how I clearly state I do not sell software or roms.

    Looking back at your recent forum responses it seems your the resident bored town cop. Its good to know that your aspirations in life are to harass people in a forum about emulation.

  • @herb_fargus

    Feel free to ban me I'll figure out any issues I have down the road by other means.

    Thanks for the support!

  • What exactly is your issue. I find the user Base and the admins very knowledgeable. I myself a normal user on here spend more time coding. When I do have an issue it normally is resolved. So what can we help you with?

  • Global Moderator

    “why are the mods so stupid?”

    “hey, i wanted an honest debate, here!”


    ps, the mods job is only to keep the forum free of spammers and.. awful people, not to act as the sole support for retropie; that’s on the whole community - we are all learning and helping each other, for free and for fun.

  • @tonberryhunter said in Rant : Does this forum have an active community of knowledgeable mods?:

    They are merely to aid in the development of my hardware ...

    So you buy controllers, HDMI cables, and Raspberry 3B+ and maybe a case
    Maybe a SD card full of some stuff that you've merely collected in your spare time :)
    So far I think this is your "hardware" knowledge....

    ... since I myself have very minimal coding knowledge.

    Yes this happens sometimes if people ask sellers why configuration xyz does not work on this "Ready 2 Game" stations and offer "full trusted" support.

    @herb_fargus @dankcushions
    Indeed this forum gives the best support for retrogaming on Raspberry platform.
    You can't compare the userbase and knowledge with RecalBox, Lakka, BatoCera. I think this three forums have together maybe just 30-40% of userbase here.
    So I think I answered the question of the TS.

  • If a debate is required then I would like to offer my own personal experience. I've found this forum to be extremely helpful, hence why I've only ever had to post one support request. A quick search normally brings up the answer I have been looking for. I'll admit there have been a couple of occasions where this particular forum hasn't had the answer, but a quick google search usually finds the solution on another forum (but who cares right? We are all here to learn and help if we can, no matter where that learning/helping comes from). is my first 'place to go' as I feel it has the most users with knowledge about how the whole RetroPie thing works.

    And with regards to the suggestion posts are left unanswered I can categorically state I read pretty much every help/support request posted here, in case it offers something I may need in the future, and very rarely are there no responses. In fact, usually the first response is to ask for more info in order to help diagnose the problem.

    So there you go. My viewpoint as a person with no coding skills who needs this forum in order to help re-live my youth through this RetroPie project.

    So please keep up the good work!

  • @omen_peter Best answer indeed ;)

  • I think the mods and community are amazing. I often think I know more than I really do and then bite off more than I can chew. Yet I have been helped here more than once on somebody else's time. So, if I see a discussion that I'm knowledgeable enough to chime in on I will try to participate. That's kind of the whole idea of a community forum. If you don't think the support here is good enough, improve it by providing support for others when you can.

  • @tonberryhunter I think this thread shows exactly that you are not right about the current state. You are opening a thread where you talk in a derogatory tone about moderators, who work in their free time and give the software for free, doing what they can do for you if you have a problem. They maintain the site and forum. Yet, you don't change your abusive tone.

    And guess what?*
    This thread did not got closed!

    You are free to tell your opinion or ask questions in a fair and friendly manner, even if you aren't friendly, you don't get banned. But don't expect help in that case. Now, if you want talk about the state of the forum and moderators, I can tell you my experience. Some of them are actively discussing here in the forum and are helping with useful answers. Of course you can't expect every answer to be perfect, even if they would be paid professionals (which is not the case here). I have no complaints here. So my advice is: Be polite, the nice tone will change everything.

    Edit: I can understand if you get frustrated because a problem isn't solved, I also experienced some frustrations here and there. That don't give us a free ticket to attack the moderators. RetroPie and emulation on Raspberry Pi isn't a flawless easy experience, there are known and unknown problems and you should know this fact. If you commit yourself to this project, then expect that, we are sitting on the same boat.

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