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custom image needed. will pay.

  • I've been playing with MAME cabinet builds to replace the ageing guts of my old arcade machines. I seem to have a good handle on the hardware side, but I am struggling with the software side.

    Project 1 is Golden Tee 2K. This is fully legal because I own the arcade game. Photo taken today of the PCB is attached. 0_1494615545306_IMG_0736.JPG

    Ideally what I need is a fully working image that I can burn to an SD card and stick into a Pi3. the image should boot directly (with a custom splash screen) to a fully working Golden Tee 2k emulation. Input will be via USB in the form of a mouse (for the trakball) and keystrokes for left, right, start, and coin (these will come from an ipac2). All high scores etc should be saved when it reboots if that is possible.

    I have the Gt2k ROM if you are more comfortable building me an image without the ROM that I need to add it to.

    Main thing is that all retropie and emulation station menus should be bypassed and it should boot directly to the game.

    Since I am connecting to a VGA monitor, there are some changes to the config.txt that also need to happen...
    I will pay.
    If this works out, I have two other games I need images for as well (Street Fighter II CE & Smash TV).

  • In advance I apologize to the guys who are interested in earning @outahere91 's money. Sorry guys!

    @outahere91 said in custom image needed. will pay.:

    Main thing is that all retropie and emulation station menus should be bypassed and it should boot directly to the game.

    I think you can easily achieve that editing /opt/retropie/configs/ Delete the emulationstation line and put something like:

    /opt/retropie/supplementary/runcommand/ 0 _SYS_ mame-libretro /path/to/your/rom

    You can change mame-libretro to another arcade emulator. Details here:

  • @outahere91 i am not sure that it is legal for anyone on this forum to sell you an image. Just because you own the original PCB and therefore can have a rom, if the person making the image does not own it, they should not legally poses it. Also even if both parties owned the original game, I am not sure it is legal to "resell" a rom, and for sure not retropie itself.

    If you already have a raspberry pi you can easily complete this in under an hour. Get an 8gb Es card, might be able to make a 4 work? Not sure? Load on the latest version of retropie from this site. Follow the getting started document to load your single rom onto the pie. Edit the run command. We can help with that. We just helped another user boot straight to a game boy advance rom. You can do all this for a cheap sD card and an hour of time. Let us know when you have you card and rom and we are ready to help!

  • well thanks for the vote of confidence. I guess I am willing to try the build myself. I have a brand new 8GB microSD card...

    I guess I can download latest 4.2 image.
    I can also make the necessary changes to config.txt to make the monitor work.
    Editing the seems straightforward enough as well.

    the problem is that when I tried to run my ROM, which works well when using a PC, it didn't run at all using lr-mame2003. I googled a bit and saw that other recommend using advmame. I tried that and it ran, but all slow and weird.

    The next issue to ask about is how to make it so the high scores save. Are there settings I need to change.

    Also, how can I permanently set which keyboard keys (or the mouse movements) map to which video game buttons (or trakball movement).

    And lastly, how do I set a custom splash screen (instead of the retropie and emulationstation ones) to display while it is starting up?


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    As the focus is shifting to support, I'm going to move this over to the 'Help and Support' section.

  • @outahere91 You can map keys easily with an actual keyboard connected, press TAB, then use the MAME menu to setup keys for "THIS GAME". As you navigate to the inputs, hit enter to change one, then use your pushbutton to map.

    You can setup Golden Tee titles with AdvanceMAME (need ROM from .106 set). But look at the Docs first and read the section on setting up Spinners and Trackballs. AdvanceMAME his highly configureable--meaning you can map practically any input to any game control--but you have to configure it properly with the config file.

  • @outahere91 Wow! You improved a lot your approach! :-) This is the kind of post we love here! Like "I want to do it myself, but I would like to have some guidance."

    Well, first thing first: I searched in the several compatibility lists and noticed that Golden Tee 2k seems to run fine on lr-mame2010 and it's listed as "untested" on the AdvMame 0.94 list.

    You'll need to find somewhere (not here) a 0.94 gt2k ROM (to test on AdvMame 0.94) and/or a 0.139 one (to test on lr-mame2010). See which one runs smoother. And then go ahead with other configs...

  • @meleu thanks.
    Okay, how do I get lr-mame2010 is that built into the latest retropie?
    Also, can you point me towards some info on the difference between 0.94 and 0.139? Where are these compatibility lists? because I will need to do the same thing eventually for my other two machines...

  • @outahere91 I don't want to step on @meleu 's toes here, but I've read plenty of times in these forums that for trackball and such you'd be better off with Advance MAME. I personally don't know if MAME 2010 supports trackball.

    You will be able to install MAME 2010, if it doesn't come pre-installed, in the RetroPie-Setup optional or experimental packages section (don't recall which exactly). Then when you launch the game you need to explicitly select the new emulator the first time around.

    How's this helps!

  • @outahere91 Click "Docs" at the top of this webpage. You need to read some details about arcade emulators (MAME in particular) and romsets. All of the versions and compatibility lists are linked there. Basically, all of the questions you are asking are written in the documentation. I mention this because folks here are nice enough to point you in the right direction, but there is some expectation that you are already read-up on your documentation.

    I will add that a Pi3 plays Golden Tee quite acceptably with AdvanceMAME 3 (3.4) and it is noticeably smoother than it was on (1.4). You need a ROM from set .106. Also, the compatibility lists are good for knowing what should be in the romsets, but they are community driven (and consequently, very hard to oversee), so you must consider some of the details as guidance only.

  • @pjft lr-mame2010 uses a mouse/ trackball fine.
    @outahere91 the only thing i have to do is press i thinks its f10 to use frameskip. The music is laggy if you dont. You could probably force it to boot with a preset frameskip but i dont know how to do it. Plays great though once you do that. Golden tee classic is good too.

  • @caver01 I can appreciate that. And I've read most of these several times and am still pretty lost when something doesn't work. That is what led me to wanting to just pay someone initially...

    @meleu appreciate the help and encouragement.

    Update: I have figured out installing both mame2010 and advmame 3.
    Either seem to work with my ROM, except neither have any sound, and I can't get it to recognize the mouse in either of them either.

    Is there something at the Pi level that I need to do to enable mouse input?
    [I think I had to do something like that on a PC to enable a trakball for MAME.]
    What about sound?
    Thank you everyone.

  • @outahere91 yeah, for AdvMAME you really do need to read the doc on Trackballs and Spinners and modify the .rc file as indicated.

  • @outahere91 as for sound, how are you connecting speakers?

  • @caver01 speakers are connected to the 1/8" audio out jack on the pi. That's it isn't it. I need to tell the pi to use that jack and not the hdmi....

  • @outahere91 might be, yeah. I guess it is supposed to auto-detect, but most folks specify with raspi-config. That's what I do. You may also need to add disable_audio_dither=1 to config.txt to eliminate hiss during silence.

    You could also setup USB audio which will sound better.

  • Thank you to everyone for your help.
    I've gotten it all working so far. It seems to emulate better with advmame, and I managed to get the trakball set up and working.
    question for @caver01 and others emlating golden tee in advmame?... what settings do you use for your trakball. I was going to play with this today. I'd like to match the arcade game feel as close as possible. I am going to use the U-Trak from ulitmarc connected through an ipac2.

  • @outahere91 Still need that image or are you good to go?

  • @outahere91 Are you talking about sensitivity settings? I have the utrak and I don't think I changed them for any of the GT series, so I am basically using my trackball as-is. However, I also have spinners and joysticks, so I probably mapped some of the functions of these, and I definitely removed control of the swing from the joystick which often doubles analog by default--I guess the thinking is that users might not have a trackball.

  • @caver01 the default sensitivity settings didn't work too well for me. I could barely move the golf ball. I increased the X & Y sensitivities from 25% to 70% and it works much better. I want to do my best to match the original game, so I was wondering if others had it dialed in.

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