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custom image needed. will pay.

  • @caver01 speakers are connected to the 1/8" audio out jack on the pi. That's it isn't it. I need to tell the pi to use that jack and not the hdmi....

  • @outahere91 might be, yeah. I guess it is supposed to auto-detect, but most folks specify with raspi-config. That's what I do. You may also need to add disable_audio_dither=1 to config.txt to eliminate hiss during silence.

    You could also setup USB audio which will sound better.

  • Thank you to everyone for your help.
    I've gotten it all working so far. It seems to emulate better with advmame, and I managed to get the trakball set up and working.
    question for @caver01 and others emlating golden tee in advmame?... what settings do you use for your trakball. I was going to play with this today. I'd like to match the arcade game feel as close as possible. I am going to use the U-Trak from ulitmarc connected through an ipac2.

  • @outahere91 Still need that image or are you good to go?

  • @outahere91 Are you talking about sensitivity settings? I have the utrak and I don't think I changed them for any of the GT series, so I am basically using my trackball as-is. However, I also have spinners and joysticks, so I probably mapped some of the functions of these, and I definitely removed control of the swing from the joystick which often doubles analog by default--I guess the thinking is that users might not have a trackball.

  • @caver01 the default sensitivity settings didn't work too well for me. I could barely move the golf ball. I increased the X & Y sensitivities from 25% to 70% and it works much better. I want to do my best to match the original game, so I was wondering if others had it dialed in.

  • @outahere91 I will check my setup again, as I think it is working fine. I do run the utrak through its optional dedicated USB interface, which may or may not make a difference.

  • @outahere91 I am using a sensitivity of 25% and a digital speed of 32. Got a realistic 308 yd drive off the first tee of GT3D, Cactus Canyon, and the other versions of GT have the same feel.

  • @caver01 thank you. Interesting. I'm going through the ipac2, but I would think the circuit is the same thing. I guess there is some variability.

  • @outahere91 might be. I have noticed that you can get interesting results from changing the digital speed as well,as sensitivity. I am still never certain which one I should adjust, but I usually start with sensitivity.

    I just realized that I also have a faster poll rate set for my mouse.
    --that might make the difference. It basically magnifies the samples per second to reduce digital "backspin". I bet that's why.

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