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Backup and Restore Settings

  • I was wondering if anyone could help me create a backup and restore script.

    I'm making a RetroPie for a friend who has kids. He does not know linux or how to ssh, so I need to leave to options settings available so that he can change bluetooth controllers/change wifi settings. But I'm afraid that the kids are going to go exploring options one day and break stuff. He lives in another state and I won't be able to fix it if this happens.

    I know there's a kid friendly emulation station, but I'd rather just use the default so I don't have to explain to him how to change modes, etc.

    I have made a read-only copy of "/opt/retropie/configs" to configs.bak. I would like to put a script in the "~/RetroPie/retropiemenu" directory that does something like this:

    rm -r /opt/retropie/configs
    cp -r /opt/retropie/configs.bak /opt/retropie/configs
    chmod -R u+w /opt/retropie/configs

    Will this work if I just put a bash script in the "~/RetroPie/retropiemenu" directory? It there a way to make a dialog box telling him it worked?

    It would be really cool to set up a cool blue background, interactive menu that lets him backup his own settings to a file, restore custom setting, or do a "factory reset" to the settings it had when I sent it to him.

    Thanks for any input.

  • @joemommasfat Yes, you can put the script into the ~/RetroPie/retropiemenu folder! It will appear in the retropie configuration section...

    For the gui: Google a bit, there are planty of tutorials out there! (Otherwise you could look into some works of retropie admins or members, some are using bash guis too)
    The comments are really simple... You will only need rm, cm, mv in most cases

  • Banned

    @DarkWolf I use a bash GUI. It has options for Kodi, RetroPie, PIXEL desktop, MC File Manager, RP SetUp Script, System info, reboot & shutdown. Just pick the option and it launches. Any script could be launched from it, including the type proposed by the OP.

    Another, option is for him to create the script and just set up a bash alias. So a special codeword or password could just be entered in the shell and the script would run.

    So handy for people not familiar with the system. The Pi is basically the living room home entertainment system. In a computer not much bigger than a credit card. What a time to be alive!

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