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Did I fry my pie?

  • Just got this thing about a week ago and have been playing with it. Mostly super Mario 64 and Mario kart, running it on the glide plugin, and as of today the glide plugin is running it really slow. The very first level of Mario 64 runs at about half speed 80% of the time. And Mario kart is sketchy. It seems to run "ok" using rice, but I don't understand, cause I changed NOTHING. I am running a 1350 overclock, and a few other settings but nothing unsafe. I have tried deleting Mupen, reinstalling from binary AND source, updating everything, different video modes, and eventually completely deleted retropie and started over and it didn't change anything. Did the GPU get damaged or something? Cause this thing is beyond frustrating me.

    Latest build
    RPi 3b.
    3.0a power supply.
    360 controller

  • I am nowhere near an expert in Pis, having just got mine myself, but to run through a couple of quick things I can think of. It shouldn't have fried if you haven't gotten any temperature warnings (red thermometer in top right corner of screen) but have you got heatsinks attached to the pi and a fan in the case? From what I have read you shouldn't overclock without at least heatsinks but a fan is best.

    I would think most likely would be a faulty power supply, can you try another plug and a different cable to rule it out? Cables and plugs can go bad like everything else and can cause some very strange things to happen when they do. In theory you should be getting an undervoltage icon on the screen but strange things happen with computers

  • @the496rocket if you have a 1350 overclock what is your overvoltage? Also not that no overclock is "safe" on a pie 3.

    Please post your overclock settings.

    Do you have a fan and heat sinks for cooling? What are your temp read outs?

  • I do have heat sinks and a fan, I will try another power supply tomorrow and I will post my overclocks.

    I tried it with overclock and stock and it behaves EXACTLY the same.

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