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Which Is The Most Accurate Scraper?

  • I've been using UXS to get some fantastic looking Mix images, but I've noticed that a lot of games have incorrect Genres listed, they have the wrong number of players listed, or they're missing other data such as descriptions, release date or ratings.

    I've been considering scraping with UXS to get the cool Mix images, scraping a second time with SSelph to get the correct metadata and then merging the 2. It's more work than I was wanting to do, but it's pretty much just a find-and-replace in the gamelist...

    Anyway, my question is: Is it worth it to do this? How accurate is the data you get from the SSelph scraper? Am I better off just staying with the UXS data? Or even trying the built-in scraper*?

    * I'm not a fan of the built-in scraper. It takes too long and you have to verify each game manually, else it gets most of them wrong.

  • @mattrixk Yeah, I noticed it too... The images you get with UXS are awesome! But it seems like SSelph scrapes better metadata (because of the different database), I'm not sure how accurate it is, but the games I played have correct metadata (not playing a lot of games, just a few I like at the moment).
    If you use the command line version of SSelph I think there was a "file addition" tag or something so the images got "-image" at the end...
    So basically I scraped images with UXS and with SSelph and put those together

  • Banned

    @DarkWolf Hmm, I don't use metadata but the images that SSelph scraped for some MAME stuff was awful. Like most people I use a mix of the 3 main scrapers plus custom art too.

  • @AlexMurphy Yeah, the MAME ones are quit ugly, I'am using UXS images with the arcade machine with the screenshot on the screen and the wheel on the top
    Otherwise I'am using SSelphs scraped images to fill the games with no image and the inbuild one for systems like atari2600/5200 (UXS and SSelph not scraping any of these)

  • By default my scraper won't ever re-download media that has the same path as expected. So if you scrape from using mix3/mix4 images with videos and marquees. You can technically run it again against thegamesdb and use the metadata from thegamesdb, and since the media won't be re-downloaded it will only update the metadata.

  • For information, Screenscraper is a "young" DB ;) (a little more than 1 year old and already one of the most if it isn't the most "complete" DB ;) ).
    All data aren't referenced, and some mistake may pass throught the moderator validation (we are human after all ^^)

    If you found "wrong" information, or a "missing" information, don't hesitate to propose or comment the error directly on the website.
    Information are from the community... If every one participate, we can have a nice DB ;)

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