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Power Supplies

  • I'm about to build one as a retro gaming console, but was wondering if I could save £5 on the power supply by using the power adapter from my chromecast and a standard USB cable/micro cable I found.

    The power supply says 'input 100 - 240v - 0.2A 50-60Hz
    Output - 5.1v = 850mA

    I know the power supplies you can buy for the Pi are 2.5 amp, 5V, so not sure if the chromecast one would be ok? I have a Kindle Fire power supply too which I was thinking of using.


  • Hi @jay81uk

    It really depends on what sort of Pi you are powering, and what you have connected to it.

    A Pi-Zero or 1 might be okay with that power supply
    A Pi-2 - I don't know, I've only ever run mine with a 5v 2A Samsung supply
    A Pi-3 should really have 5.2v at 2.5A (I use a Canakit Raspberry Pi3 Supply).

    Don't forget, each USB device attached increases the power requirements.

  • I'm using a USB power strip for my home theater. The power strip is said to be built-in surge protection. but Im not sure whether it can also protect my USB devices from surges?

  • @mena Please don't hijack the original post. But to answer your question, most likely it will also protect the USB devices connected to it from power surges. These USB ports are meant to power or charge devices only and does not have data communication capabilities. USB devices such as USB keyboard/mouse, USB game controllers, etc will require both power and data and therefore have to be connected to the RPI USB ports and draw power from it as well.

    @jay81uk simonster is right about the power requirements of various RPi models. So what is yours?
    The Kindle Fire power supply normally will provide 1A current which 150ma more than the one from chromecast.

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