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  • Hey Guys,

    I've been able to successfully tether my Bluetooth BEBONCOOL controller to the RetroPie, however I can't get all the keys to function properly. I've gone through the RetroPie mapping several times. It seems like the Emulators aren't mapping properly to the " Select / Start / A B X Y" on my controller.

    An example:

    When I'm playing Sonic, the directions buttons work, but the jump button is mapping to my "Home" button on the controller which I haven't actually mapped to anything.

    Any suggestions? I've been searching for a while with no luck so far.

    Thanks for any help!


  • @Pdub517 said in BEBONCOOL - Controller button mapping:

    Any suggestions?

    Yeah, for starters, how about reading this, then provide the details listed. It's hard to give advice when we don't know stuff about your build, which exact emulator you are using and so on and so on. Be specific.

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