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SD card cloning

  • Hi guys, ive had a good look around but cant seem to find an answer to my question so I thought id ask here, I have a pi3 with a 32gb card, ive just purchased a 64gb to squeeze some more roms on there, followed the tutorials for cloning cards and successfully did so with win32diskimager etc, problem ive got is ive put the new 64gb card I and all is well apart from the cloning process seems to say the card is still only 32gb, there seems to be a lot of tutorials for down sizing cards but nothing that covers this. Would really appreciate any help (on windows btw) Thanks :)

  • @RossiPosse Sorry guys just after posting I found the solution, cant see an option to remove post though.

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    Rather than removing it, it always helps to share your solution with others. To that end, the first menu option in the raspi-config will expand the filesystem on the SD card.

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