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How do I upload/run mupen64 to my retropie 3b?

  • Hello,

    I have just bought my first ever retropie (3b) and am trying to play zelda ocarina of time however for a large portion of the game none of the scenery renders and it is unplayable. I have the latest march release retropie image from the website which I burned onto the SD card but I have heard of forums that the game runs flawlessly with lr-mupen64plus and an output resolution of 320x.

    I have no idea how to do the above, is mupen64 not as standard with emulationstation? how can I get mupen64 on my retropie and then select it when trying to play the game?

    I can't seem to find any forums explaining this, perhaps because it is too basic? im a complete noob, done next to no programming and never had a pie before. Any help would be greatly recieved!

    Thanks. James

  • @sniktun To have a better idea of your situation, first please read this first: Post back the information it asked.

  • Hi @sniktun

    Don't worry, we all have to start somewhere.

    First of all, when you load the game, it says to configure press a button. If you press a button here, it will take you to the options to change which emulator it uses.

    I think Mupen64-Glide is normally the default. lr-mupen64plus is not the same as Mupen64, it is the RetroArch port of mupen64 and uses a different video driver.

    If you want to add extra emulators to the system, the easiest was to do it is from the RetroPie-Setup in the retropie menu. This is also where you can update the emulators to the latest supported version.

    If you need further assistance, I would suggest completing the details in so that we have all the information on your setup.


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