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  • Pi Model: Raspberry Pi 3 Model B
    Power Supply: CanaKit 5V 2.5A
    Retropie Version: 4.2
    Built From: Pre-made Image on RetroPie website
    USB Devices connected: (1) USB Keyboard, (1) Controller
    Controller used: iBuffalo Classic USB Gamepad
    Errors/Logs: N/A (at this point)


    For the most part, everything with my RetroPie works fine. The issue I'm experiencing is that with one particular TV I don't have any sound through HDMI, UNLESS I boot up the Pi connected to a different TV first.

    Before I explain the cases I've tested, let me say the following:

    1. I have tried multiple HDMI cables in multiple combinations of plugging in/out and do not believe the problem to be related to the cable.
    2. I have followed many of the suggestions on the various "no sound" posts on this forum and in the official documentation, in particular uncommenting the following settings in /boot/config.txt:



    With that said, here's what I'm experiencing. I have TV1 and TV2.

    • With TV1, by default, there are no problems. The sound works every time.
    • With TV2, by default, there is no sound.

    What's interesting is that depending on the TV I start with, it will affect the behavior on the other TV:

    • If I start everything up connected to TV1, then switch my HDMI cable from TV1 to TV2, the sound on TV2 will work just fine.
    • If I start everything up connected to TV2, then switch my HDMI cable from TV2 to TV1, the sound on TV1 will not work.
    • Here's the interesting thing. If I start with TV2, then switch my HDMI cable to TV1, the sound will not work as described above. But if I then start a game, the sound returns. I can exit the game back to EmulationStation and the sound is still there. At this point, if I switch my HDMI cable back to TV2, the sound will be working on TV2 (still in EmulationStation). However, if I now start the same game again, the sound will once again be broken.

    It's almost as if some type of mode is being initialized at both system boot and game boot that is dependent on the TV to which it's connected and is altering how the HDMI sound is handled. I've tried every combination of changes in /boot/config.txt related to the HDMI/sound settings, but the behavior seems to be the same.

    Any advice? Thanks in advance.

  • This can sometimes make audio not work on some tv's but will make audio work on some tv's. My tv wont work without this. Try adding this to your config.txt and rebooting.


  • @edmaul69 Thank you so much! That did the trick. Appreciate the help!!

  • @kirk glad to help. Keep your other settings that you did too. All 3 keeps this as universal to tv's as possible.

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