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Install Gamecon-drivers using a Pi 3, then move SD to a Pi Zero?

  • So, I have just installed a Zero inside a NES-controller and want to add the gamecon-drivers so I can use the controller connected to the GPIO pins. Now, I do not have any wifi-module to use on the Zero, but since the Pi3 starts up with the image, would it be possible to install the drivers using Pi3 then move the SD back to get it working?

    I tried, but get some kind of a failure, so before I try some more (tried a lot) is it even possible?

    Is there some other way, to download the drivers to a USB memory, copy it to the SD or something else?

    Sorry, this might be really stupid questions...

  • The gamecon driver is broken if you update the kernel from a clean image of 4.2. It's documented in:

    Someone has issued a quick fix and a proper fix, but no idea when or if it'll be used in retropie. @BuZz might be able to update on the situation, which I'd like to know as well.

    On transferring the driver, that I don't know. I know the pi3 image will be incompatible. Might be worth spending a bit on a wifi usb stick for a hassle free way to update the zero.

  • Thanks for your reply... I spent a lot of time fitting this zero inside the controller, would really like to at least be able to try it out. I will order a wifi (feel cheep not doing so before, but the zero have been put away for a long time). I also have a Zero W on the way... just did a clean Retropie installation, will try again to use the Pi3 to install the drivers.

    By the way, is there any were I could find the image of 4.1, then it should work, right?

  • @zippiz 4.2 will work. You CAN update all packages.. just choose NO when it asks if you want to update the kernel.

  • @darksavior said in Install Gamecon-drivers using a Pi 3, then move SD to a Pi Zero?:


    Ah, I see, sorry... thank you.

    I might try to connect the SD to Pi3, and then run " sudo sh -c 'echo "gamecon_gpio_rpi" >> /etc/modules && echo "options gamecon_gpio_rpi map=0,0,2,0,0,0" > /etc/modprobe.d/gamecon.conf && reboot' "

    Could I just delete the && reboot and instead shut down the pi3, and move the SD to the Zero? Is this worth trying?

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    @darksavior no update. I will update the ticket when I have news but afaik the code has not yet been updated for the newer kernel. I don't have the sources for those debian packages - it's an upstream issue.

  • So anybody?

    Is it even worth a try, to add SD in Pi3, run the script and (???) remove reboot from it... would that download the script and then install in at the next boot?

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